About me

My name is Nils J├╝ttemeier, student in the 10th and last semester. A bit more than four years ago, my military service was over and I started attending university, the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven to be precise. Here, I studied Digital Media, a bachelor degree course which was offered by the four public universities in the federal state of Bremen. It can be described as some sort of modified Media Informatics with an increased share of design-related classes, at least in the way it was offered in Bremerhaven. A rather broad approach was pursued, so about every related medium, technique and theory was part of these first six terms:

  • Programming – Java, basic C++ to work with OpenGL
  • Mathematics – extended with special contents for Media-Informatics
  • Photo & Film – pictorial design, shots & cutting, post-production
  • Print-Design – layout, typography, color spaces, color management
  • Web-Design – HTML, CSS, JavaScript(-libraries), PHP
  • Datenbases – SQuirreL SQL
  • 2D-Design – bitmaps & vector graphics, corporate design
  • 3D-Design – modelling & rendering using Maya & Blender
  • General competencies – project-management, IT-related law

This list is strongly unfluenced by the semester abroad, for which I went to the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. While the scenery in Austrian Hagenberg wasn't that exotic for a German, the classes were excellent. Shader-programming, 3D-design and technical basics of computer graphics amongst others highly enriched my studies, especially considering my main area of interest: the work with dynamic 3D content, be it for games or product visualisation.

Right after these six terms and the bachelor's degree I continued my way as a student by enrolling for the Master's course named Applied Computer Sciences which lasted until August 2014. Even though I specialised in the sub-course of Media Informatics, my portfolio of knowledge was enriched by many classic topics of computer science like theoretical informatics or marketing (which was no part of Digital Media unlike the Informatics bachelor degree course). The most important part of this course is the master's project which lasts two terms. In it, we (the four students of this year) developed a completely new version of the simulation game Keep Cool Online of the University Oldenburg, which yielded in a considerable amount of experience in the fields of web-design, web-programming, interface-design and game-design.

And then, there is my master thesis. Its topic is 3D of course, product visualisation in a marketing context to be precise. A central part of this final paper is available at this website since I created a web application which consists of a virtual showroom for cars to replace the bland configurators some manufacturers offer and exploit the possibilites of the internet and modern computers. Go to its own page for more information.

In addition I present a fair bit of my abilities. Why just a bit? On the one hand, some skills like mathematics are hard to present. On the other hand, you had to attend and pass all classes which I did with no trouble, but the high number of different areas concerned makes it impossible to excel in all of them thus requiring specialisation. So I focus on 3D-Design which has been my prime hobby for almost a decade now in the form of building cars for Need for Speed High Stakes alias Need for Speed Road Challenge. Programming is another very interesting field for me as well as web-design as both deal with the creation of dynamic/interactive content.

Well, that's it, nothing more to say about this website or its author that would be relevant at this point. Heureka!