VW Golf VII for the VAH

Category: 3D-Design – high-poly

This model is an important part of my master thesis. It is a VW Golf VII, prepared to be the exhibit of the virtual car dealer (VAH). To be usable in this context, its level of detail had to exceed everything I usually create. Moreover it had to be prepared for the functionality of the VAH, meaning doors have to be openable without revealing any gaps in the mesh, moreover I needed to do exchange parts.

First, I built the basic trim level Trendline which can be identified by its stock halogen headlights amongst other things. Basing off of this mesh, I added more parts necessary for configuration and the high trim level variant Highline. These include the alloy rims Dijon and Madrid as well as xenon headlights.

Originally, I wanted the model to be impossible to tell apart from the real thing. But this modelling style proved to require a lot more time than I expected it to, so I had to cut down some things. Mainly the interior had to remain in a rough, placeholder-like state, though it's still very useful in the VAH. The exterior is missing some details, too, like varying numbers of exhaust tips depending on the selected engine and the headlamp washers. Still, the result is rather pleasant, whether rendered with Cycles or WebGL – these 55000 polygons look pretty nice! Moreover, the model's limitations had no impact on the VAH, which means I stroke a good balance between time spent and achieved level of detail.