A ship on an archaeological mission

Category: 3D-Design – high-poly

This work originates from my practice-term which was part of the Master degree program and led me to the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven. What do you do there with a bachelor's degree in Digital Media? Tne tasks were actually varied and included 2D-Design, Web-Design and Print-Design.

Mainly I was working as part of a project which consists in exploring the ground of the North Sea. Besides creating media like posters and flyers, my central task was the creation of a picture visualising the vision of the project – finding sunk ships and perhaps even crashed planes and conserving this information for others to experience and work with. Due to my specialisation and the better possibilites this solution offers, I convinced the responsible people to not realize this image by means of photo-manipulation but rather as a 3D-scene.

So a subject had to be found which in the end was to be this one: a reasearch vessel parting the ocean unveiling what's hidden underneath. In this case the found treasures are an old wooden ship and the skull and antlers of a reindeer (large portions of the North Sea were mainland several thousand years ago).

First modelling steps and evaluation were conducted using ZModeler 1.07b but soon this program was replaced by Blender 2.65. Using photographies of the LEV Taifun I created the ship, for the ocean's surface Blender's own module of the same name was used. For the textures as well as for stitching the rendered tiles GIMP 2.8.2 was my software of choice. Rendering the final image in several steps was necessary because for a DIN A0 poster a resolution 11000 x 5000 pixels was required which exceeded the power of the PC I was using at first.