Chevrolet Caprice PPV (Z-Body)

Category: 3D-Design – mid-poly

When the production of the B-Body platform Caprice ceased for the North-American market, Ford's Crown Victoria (Police Interceptor) was the only full-size sedan left for fleet customers such as cab companies or the police. Now, times are changing again. Ford has abandonned the CVPI after more than a decade of little changes and Chevrolet is importing the Caprice from other markets to sell it to official customers. That makes it one of the three cars that will form the new fleets of North-American police forces short- to mid-term together with Ford's Taurus-based Police Interceptor and the Dodge Charger.

The model was built primarily to be driven in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 after other authors turn it into complete virtual squad cars. Following this game's specifications, it uses a primary texture of 512 x 512 pixels with specularity map and a secondary texture of 128 x 128 pixels which has a specularity map as well. The 3D model contains ca. 17.000 polygons depending on the exact version (steelies or hubcaps, two different interior styles).

Modelling work was done on ZModeler 1.07, the textures were created using Paint Shop Pro 5.

For the even older Need for Speed: High Stakes alias Need for Speed: Road Challenge (1999) there is a separate version: Link.