About this website

Category: Web-Design

This portfolio exhibits itself because as a whole it was created by me just like the other presented items. The design uses colors and logos from my Corporate Design which I created in my fourth semester of Digital Media. The color blue is associated with credibility and very popular esp. among Germans. The navigation is compact and simple for the sake of clarity, all pages are available translated completely to German. Thanks to the site's variable width it can be used on low-resolution screens like those of mobile devices without overfluous horizontal scrolling while at the same time supporting the navigation's modular character.

Through the utilization of PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 as well as a little bit of JavaScript this page is technically much more efficient than it would have been some years ago. Images are used for navigation items and as themselves only rather than for formatting purposes. The links which make up the navigation rely on CSS3-effects only instead of scripting. The contact-form uses definitions which have become common thanks to HTML5 and offer the user better usability and me easier validation of input. And the usage of PHP is for the good of both, too. That's because I have to maintain just a small number of documents which are filled with content server-side when requested, the user gets a clean HTML-page which is valid by preliminary W3C-standards and works and looks the very same when JavaScript is deactivated. The randomized sub-navigation on the frontpage is generated with means of PHP, too, which makes it unnecessary for users to load items that will not be used in the end like it would be necessary in a JavaScript implementation. Latter is only used in the shape of the well-known Lightbox to display images full-size though they are still accessible should JavaScript not be available.