My corporate design manual

Category: Print-Design

This document contains 28 pages and constitutes my self-branding created for the Corporate Design class. From the logo in all its allowed shapes over design elements to several media it contains everything necessary to support a Corporate Identity through means of a uniform appearance.

It all starts with the complete NJ EnJott brand which you have come across on this website in its negative white-on-blue version. Its parts obviously refer to my initials and use two precisely defined shades of blue in the positive variant. Letterheads and templates for faxes according to German regulations set up by the DIN are there just like definitions for presentations. The business card's landscape format like that of the whole document supports my specialisation in digital media since displays used for such usually have a horizontal layout as well. The CDM is completed by a template for printed advertisements and a simple, now replaced website-design. The continuously used reference is obviously outdated as well. The document is still of high quality technically as it implements the contained standards precisely and uses vector-graphics with few exceptions for best scalability.