Chevrolet Caprice (B-Body)

Category: 3D-Design – low-poly

Till the mid-nineties, Ford and Chevrolet dominated the American market for full-size vehicles offered to fleet customers. Almost every cab and squad car was based off of either an LTD/Crown Victoria or a Caprice. So everybody who was interested in virtual police vehicles or creating a realistically looking rush hour was interested in these cars as well. So the '95/'96 Caprice became the first car I built from scratch.

Since then many years have gone by and the mesh has been updated to its fifth version which bears little resemblance to the original model. The simplest variant consists of fewer than 2100 polygons. Even Need for Speed: High Stakes alias Need for Speed: Road Challenge does normally not require such thrift, but since the AI-controlled police in-game uses the car too in groups up to five per track, every triangle counts multiple times. Yet, fully-equipped the car looks pretty decent.